International Projects of the National Aerospace University "Kharkiv aviation Institute" financed by Tempus and Erasmus+ projects

MSc and PhD Studies in Aerospace Critical Computing

Specific Objective

The strategic aim of the project is to produce a new generation of engineering and research staff capable of performing constructive development in critical IT systems and satisfying the needs of Ukrainian Aerospace enterprises and institutions.

The following MSc and PhD courses will be developed:

1) MSc Software Quality Assessment and Expertise;

2) MSc Dependable Systems, Networks and Services;

3) MSc Fault-Tolerant Embedded PLD-systems;

4) MSc Multi-version Systems and Technologies for Critical Applications;

5) PhD Modeling of Dependable Systems and Networks;

6) PhD Formal Methods of Critical Software Development.

Project Type

Joint Project

Outcomes and outputs

The target courses will consist of 3-5 modules, their content will reflect the modern methods, techniques and tools used at the different stages of software and network life cycles in application to aerospace and other critical applications. Each module will have an eqivalentl structure developed in line with practice at EU partner universities and EU recognized standards of critical computing systems, in particular ESA (European Space Agency), and ECSS (European Cooperation on Space Standardization). The course materials and corresponding software packages will establish the framework of the Resource Centre.


1) Updated MSc programme for “Computer Systems nd Networks" specialty will be accredited and introduced into learning process of KhAI and KhNU by August 2009;
2) Developed PhD programme for this specialty will be approved and introduced into learning process of KhAI and KhNU by August 2009;
3) Critical Computing Training-Resource Centre was established on the basis of target department, KhAI.

Successful project implementation will ensure sustainable and comprehensive staff provision in the domain of aerospace (critical) computer engineering for UA enterprises and institutions.