International Projects of the National Aerospace University "Kharkiv aviation Institute" financed by Tempus and Erasmus+ projects

Modernization of Postgraduate Studies on Security and Resilience for Human and Industry Related Domains

Specific Objective

O1 To develop master programme on Cyber Security and Resilience with 5 courses CM-A..CM-E;
O2 To develop doctoral programme on Cyber Security and Resilience with 3 courses CP-A..CP-C;
O3 To develop in-service training programme on Cyber Security and Resilience with 3 modules CT-A..CT-C;
O4 To establish a National Security Alliance (NSA) for training and consultancy in the area of Cyber Security Assessment and Management;
O5 To introduce a comprehensive capacity building scheme for involved academic staff of 7 UA universities.

Project Type

Joint project

Outcomes and outputs

D.1.1. Master Curriculum (CM-A..CM-E) developed
D.1.2. Guest lectures arranged
D.1.3. Master Curriculum verified and implemented
D.2.1. Doctoral Curriculum (CP-A..CP-C) developed
D.2.2. Guest lectures arranged
D.2.3. Doctoral Curriculum verified and implemented
D.3.1. In-service modules (CT-A..CT-C) developed
D.3.2. Guest lectures arranged
D.3.3. In-service programme verified and implemented
D.4.1. NSA structure and functions adjusted
D.4.2. NSA offices installed and equipped
D.4.3. NSA verified and launched
D.5.1. Guest lectures arranged
D.5.2. Staff trained at EU institution
D.6.1. Web-portal
D.6.2. Dissemination package
D.6.3. Dissemination events
D.7.1. NSA training activities provided
D.7.2. NSA consulting activities provided
D.7.3. Self-financing strategies developed
D.8.1. Reports
D.8.2. Assured quality
D.8.3. Peer review measures
D.9.1. Coordination meetings
D.9.2. Steering Committee
D.9.3. Management


The wider objective of this project is to fulfill the demand of Ukrainian society to face the challenges in the area of ensuring of Cyber Security policy in different application domains (Human {People; Homeland}; Business {Banking; Web & E-business; Telecommunications}; Safety Critical {Aviation; Space; NPP; Power Grid; Railway}) through capacity and institutional building measures. The project addresses the business and society demand on high qualified specialists on Cyber Security assessment and management by introducing international master/doctoral/in-service programmes on Cyber Security and Resilience.