International Projects of the National Aerospace University "Kharkiv aviation Institute" financed by Tempus and Erasmus+ projects

Green Computing & Communications

Specific Objective

1. To introduce a Green Computing & Communications programme for master students in UA and RU universities;
2. To introduce a Green Computing & Communications programme for doctoral students in UA and RU universities;
3. To facilitate intensive capacity building measures for UA and RU IT tutors;
4. To establish two PhD incubators in UA and RU on Green Computing & Communications.

Project Type

Curriculum Reform, 3 years

Outcomes and outputs

WP1: Project Management
WP2: Development of GCC curricula for master students
WP3: Development of GCC curricula for doctoral students
WP4: Capacity building for UA and RU PCs tutors
WP5: Establishment of two PhD incubators on GCC
WP6: Dissemination plan
WP7: Sustainability plan
WP8: Quality control actions


Target master programme is intended for IT bachelor graduates to gain an understanding of the green computing methodologies and paradigms, energy efficient system level software such as compilers, hypervisors, monitoring and profiling tools, workload managers, and programming environments, energy aware large scale distributed systems, such as Grids and Clouds. It is suitable for those aspiring to be software developers, software architecture designers, FPGA developers, experts on distributed infrastructures.

Each of the modules consists of 3 chapters, where their content reflects the theoretical and practical knowledge used technologies for GCC and R&D for green FPGA-Based Computing/ Wireless-Based Computing and Communication/ IT-Infrastructures/ Smart Energy Infrastructures.

The main indicator is that all partner universities have developed at least one tailor made curriculum master/doctoral module successfully and with all planned components and introduced all master/doctoral modules before the end of the project.