International Projects of the National Aerospace University "Kharkiv aviation Institute" financed by Tempus and Erasmus+ projects

Introducing EU-compatible MSc Degree in Engines and Aircraft Power Systems

20 октября 2009 Final dissemination event in KhAI
The partners have arranged the final dissemination conference in KhAI where all developed master courses were presented by their authors, KhAI administration have presented the established Lab on Aircraft Power Systems for European guests, and master students have attented the seminar with KTH officials on academic exchange programmes in the area of Aerospace Engineering.

4-11 октября 2009 Visit of KhAI administration to Turin
KhAI administration (vice-rector Prof. Nechyporuk), Prof. Sergyi Plankovskiy and associate professor Dmitry Dolmatov have made the short-visit to Turin where the presented the developed master courses, discussed the research cooperation with the Department of Aerospace Engineering and outline further steps on estaslishment of joint faculty between KhAI and Politechnico.

7 сентября 2009 KhAI student internship in KTH
KhAI master student, Yurii Zhebel have departed to KTH to attent the selected courses on the international Master on Aerospace Engineering, KTH. The study period will be arranged till 31 October 2009 in line with the extension of the project elligibility period.

10-21 мая 2009 Study visit to KTH
2 KhAI staff, prof. Volodymyr Sklyar and engineer Artem Panarin have stayed at KTH and completed the work on development of target master courses.

5-12 апреля 2009 Second rector's visit to Turin
Delegation from KhAI (rector prof. Kryvtsov) and Ministry of Education (Prof. Vasyl Kremen and Prof. Volodymyr Lugovyy) have made the second visit to Turin where they adjusted the process of joint studies on Aerospace Engineering and discussed the cooperation between Turin region and Ukrainian educational system at national level.

9-14 марта 2009 Study visit to KTH
KhAI professors Vyacheslav Kharchenko and Volodymyr Sklyar and project manager Artem Boyarchuk have come to Stockholm. They got the relevant training materials, new modules for master courses and discussed the developed course modules with the staff of the Department of Power Engineering, KTH.

17-23 сентября 2008 Visit of KhAI administration to KTH
KhAI central administration (Vice-rector Mykola Nechyporuk, vice-rector Vitaliy Pavlenko, official of JSC "MotorSich" prof. Anatoliy Dolmatov) have visited KTH and presented the roadmap on cooperation KhAI-KTH in Aerospace Engineering and Energy Systems.

6-13 апреля 2008 First KHAI rector's visit to Torino
KhAI rector, prof. Kryvtsov has made the first official visit to Torino, where he met with Prof. Profumo, PdT rector, Prof. Marco Gili, PdT first vice-rector and Prof. Carlo Naldi, vice-rector for international relations. Cooperation agreement was signed, the project on joint studies on Aerospace Engineering was initiated.

9-11 марта 2008 JEP grantholders meeting in Brussels
KhAI project manager, Artem Boyarchuk and Politechnico financial manager, Ms. Ilaria Tobaldo have met at the JEP grantholders meeting in Brussels and exchanged ideas on project implementation and agreed the next steps.

19-23 декабря 2007 First study visit of KhAI delegation to Turin
First KhAI delegation (Anatoliy Kuznetsov, Boyarchuk Artem, Oleksandr Zastela, Sergey Gubin) have made the short study visit to the department of Aerospace Engineering, Politechnico where met the adminsitration of the department and adjusted the content of the curriculum to be developed.

3-4 октября 2007 Координационная встреча в ХАИ
В начале октября в аэрокосмическом университете прошла координационная встреча проекта с участием итальянских (Мирко Варано и Джанфранко Чиоккио), шведских (Виктор Кордас и Ленарт Йоханнсон) и украиских партнеров (проф. Кузнецов, ХАИ, проф. Долматов, ОАО "МоторСич, проф. Губин, ХАИ, А. Боярчук, ХАИ).