International Projects of the National Aerospace University "Kharkiv aviation Institute" financed by Tempus and Erasmus+ projects

MSc and PhD Studies in Aerospace Critical Computing

21 September 2009 MASTAC Final Conference
21-23 September all Ukrainian and European project participants are carrying out Final conference for this Tempus project. The venue for the conference is Room 233, Faculty of Radio-Electronics, KhAI, 10:00 - 15:00, 21 September (KhAI, Kharkov) and Room B-109, Main Building, KhNU, 10:00 - 13:00, 23 September (KhNU, Khmelnitskiy). All project participants, course developers, involved PhD and master students are welcome.

5 September 2009 Preparations to the final dissemination conference
The Ukrainian partners are actively involved at the preparation activities for the final conference to be held in KhAI, Kharkov and KhNU, Khmelnitskiy in order to complete the planned activities in line with the given extension. All of EU experts confirmed their participation at the event.

26 June 2009 Visit to EU experts
Local Ukrainian coordinator Prof. V. Kharchenko and chief expert Dr. V. Sklyar will share the produced MAs and PhD courses within UK experts from City University, London and Newcastle university in order to get their approval for using the partners' materials for the study process in Ukrainian universities.

12 April 2009 Verification and validation of the curriculum
The group of external verificators is processed the developed master and doctoral curriculum in National Aerospace University and National Khmeknitskiy University. The process of validation is arranged in accordance with the project workplan for the 3rd year.

6 October 2008 Guest lectures in Kharkov
The local coordination team has invited Dr. Elena Troubitsina to arrange to set of guest lectures in KhAI within the topics of Formal Methods for the groups of well-trained students from defined target groups.

12 September 2008 Installation of CCTR Centre in KhAI and KhNU
The local team leaders, Prof. V Kharchenko and Dr. O. Pomorova has made the set of purchases of required software and hardware for the planned Critical Computing Training Resources Centres to be installed in KhAI and KhNU.

2 May 2008 Dissemination event in Leipzig
The KhAI staff members are invited to attend the special workhops to be held in Leipzig in order to promote the best practices and gained achievements during the project implementation cycle for EU stakeholders and other interested parties.

16 February 2008 Guest lectures in Kharkov
The project coordination team is planning to invite Prof. Peter Popov to National Aerospace University to give some lectures on software diversity for the students of the 1st and 2nd defined target groups.

24 October 2007 Study visit to Abo
Ukrainian team leaders responsible for the doctoral courses are going to make a short study visit to Finnish partners - Abo Academy University - and continue collecting the course materials.

3 July 2007 Preparations to second study visit to Newcastle
The Ukrainian team leaders and the local coordinator are going to arrange the second coordination meeting with the grantholder Mr. Chris Phillips in Newcastle and to start the collecting to required materials for doctoral courses to be prepared during the second project year.

5 April 2007 Visit to Minsitry of Education
The local team from National Aerospace University is going to visit the Minsitry of Education and Science for informing the department of international relations of the Ministry about the up-to-date progress and to get new regulations for master courriculum.

1 March 2007 MSc course development
The GM teams were established, the required course materials were collected during the in-depth analysis of the related literature during the study visit to Newcastle. The course modules are producing in line with the approved timeline.

4 October 2006 Kick-off meeting in Kharkov
The parties agrees to arrange the installation visit to National Aerospace University, Kharkov to prepare the course developers teams for Master courses and to adjust the dates of joint events for the 1st project year.