International Projects of the National Aerospace University "Kharkiv aviation Institute" financed by Tempus and Erasmus+ projects

Logistik für Luftfahrttechnik: Master, Trainingscenter

12 October 2009 Final seminar in KhAI and DMA
The partners are going to carry out the sinal project seminar in KhAI and DMA on 12-13 October and present the developed project outcomes and outputs.

22 April 2009 Opening of Technology Transfer Center in KhAI
22 April the official opening of the Technology Transfer Center as part of A2B training center was arranged in KhAI with the invitation of officials from German Embassy in Ukraine and DAAD.

18 November 2009 Intership of KhAI students in IFF
Following the selection procedure, 2 KhAI students, MSc Natalia Lukyanenko and Dmytro Chumachenko will have the internship in Magdeburg from November 25 to January 30, 2009

19 September 2009 Management game in Kharkov
Tobias Reggelin, IFF has carried out 1-week business game SILKE for KhAI and DMA students where the basic principles of logisitical procedures were presented and implemented.

5 June 2008 Official visit of KhAI administration to Magdeburg
The delegation of the KhAI administration has come to Magdeburg where has meetings with the administration of OVGU, Fraunhofer Institute, Saxony-Anhalt Parliament. The directions and mechanisms for future cooperation with academic and research activities were discussed.

17 September 2009 Kick-off meeting in Kharkov
The parties have arranged the kick-off meeting in Kharkov, where representatives from KhAI, DMA, IFF/OVGU and MUL have agreed the workplan for the first project year and distribution of tasks.