International Projects of the National Aerospace University "Kharkiv aviation Institute" financed by Tempus and Erasmus+ projects

Transferring European QA to Academy of Distance Education

University of Social Sciences Pierre Mendes (UPMF), France

The key figures of UPMF are: 7 institutes and 5 units, 20 000 students, 725 faculty members/researchers, 474 administrative and technical personnel, 2 000 people from the business community who teach on a regular basis. The principal actor within the project will be the Department of the Sciences of the Education. This department has a considerable experience in the field of lifelong education and distance learning.

The applicant and coordinator of the project is Mrs. Elena Simeoni, in charge of International Relations of the university. During 5 last years she was concentrated to work with educational projects and cooperation with Eastern Europe and NIS. She has a lot experience in work under Tempus scheme on improvement of pedagogical education (SCM T045A04) and European Studies/European Integration (JEP 25254-2004).

University of Alicante (UA), Spain

UA offers more than 50 trainings, welcome more than 30 000 students. The UA was approved by the EC for the implementation of educational programs in the field of the research management within the framework of divers European programs (INCO, ALFA, TEMPUS, AUNP). The following projects constitute some of the references of this experience: SAFIRO (Contract N - Schedule(Program) Alfa - Latin America), UNCOFIN (Contract N ASE / B7 - 301/1997/0178/07 - schedule (program) Aunp - Asia), INCOME (TP_SCM-M066B03-2003 - Schedule(Program) Tempus).The local team leader is Roberto Escarre, Director of International Programs.

Katholieke Hogeschool Zuid-West-Vlaanderen (KATHO), Belgium

KATHO is very dynamic University-school which distributes higher educations in the domains of the Industrial Sciences, Technology and the Social sciences. It welcomes about 5500 students and participle actively in the exchanges Socrates- Erasmus in particular with the UPMF Grenoble. It has contacts with Russia (St-Petersbourg) and Uzbekistan as well as with Africa and China. KATHO has actual experiences in engineering of the e-learning and in engineering of training for the technological disciplines.

The local team leader is Anne-Marie Van den dries, head of International Office.

Academy of Distance Education (ADE), Ukraine

Academy of Distance Education is a registered NGO formed by 24 leading educational institutions and organization, which work in the sphere of distance education in Ukraine. There are about 18.000 academic staff and more than 250.000 students and postgraduates are studied in ADE member institutions. One of the founders of ADE is Ukraine Global Development Learning Network Center (it was inaugurated on March 2, 2001), which is the first GDLN center in the region of Europe and Central Asia was constructed under initiative of the World Bank.

The Ukrainian coordinator will be Dr. Anatoliy Yatchenko, Deputy Director of the ADE. He carries out the innovative management activities of ADE and responsible for international projects of Academy, he is local team leader for IB_JEP-24141-2003 “True Assessment distance learning network for teachers” from Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine. In this SCM he is responsible for the development of Ukrainian national standard for pedagogical assessment in compliance with world standards.

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

Ministry is the central body of the government executive power performing the management in the area of education. The Department for Licensing, Accreditation and Nostrification, is the main institution working in Ukraine with the issues related to quality of higher education. The contact person will be Ms. Olga Kotova, in charge of international relations of the department.

Civil Council for Education and Research of Ukraine

The Council acts as advisory body for Minister of Education and define the long-term strategy for development of HE. Contact person - Prof. V. Oliynick, deputy head of the Council.